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Parcel# Account# Owner Site Address Type County Permits
0155521400001 R0120401 RICO CESAR BUENO AND CARREON VIANEY GUADALUPE 13700 DETER WINTERS RD Residential BDP20-1687 MDP00-00117 RCU2008-00009 RCU2018-00029
0155700000006 R0000274 GROSZ WAYNE ALLEN AND GROSZ COURTNEY 16704 MIMOSA RD Residential BDL02-00913 BDL08-00224 BDP02-2803 BDP08-0758 BDP16-4730 ROW2002-00801 RWH2020-00033
0155700000014 R0000281 CHESTNUT RICKY E LIVING TRUST AND BEAUPREZ-CHESTNUT DEBRA RENEE LIVING TRU 16500 KOEPKE RD Residential BDP99-00060 PRE2009-00063 RCU2013-00027 RCU2015-00009
0155700000036 R0000298 HUNT SARAH L AND HUNT JUSTIN 76120 E 160TH AVE Residential BDL03-00486 BDL13-00600 BDP03-1459 PRE2008-00017
0155700000106 R0000347 KEMPF RICHARD A KEMPF TRUST Residential
0155700000107 R0000348 MC GALLIARD E C AND SHARON Residential
0155700000113 R0000354 KONTOUR SHARLA M AND KONTOUR EDWARD 13851 MIMOSA RD Residential BDP24-1778
0155700000128 R0000368 GILROY CHARLES W AND GILROY LAUREEN G 74485 E 160TH AVE Residential BDP08-1144
0155700000136 R0111564 CANALES ARLYN SIERRA AND CANALES JAILYN SIERRA 71851 E 128TH AVE Residential BDP17-1145
0155700000139 R0111433 MUSGRAVE ROGER A AND MUSGRAVE MARILYN D 73700 E 144TH AVE Residential OGI2020-00330 OGI2021-00444 OGI2023-00781 OGI2024-00269