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0182518253006 R0136842 RUIZ JUAN 5083 W 52ND AVE Residential ACC2022-00029 BDC22-00057 BDP22-1443 PLN2021-00011 ROW2001-00679 UTL2022-00127 VIO2002-32559 VIO2002-32560 VIO2011-01404
0182518253005 R0136843 BERKELEY AT REGIS OWNER LLC 4881 W 52ND AVE Residential PLN2021-00011
0182518253004 R0129963 BERKELEY AT REGIS OWNER LLC 4703 W 52ND AVE Residential 1973-120-Z-P BDC22-00055 BDL07-00639 BDL12-00417 BDP00-00079 BDP07-1604 BDP12-1568 BDP16-0117 BDP16-0362 BDP16-0383 BDP16-0384 BDP16-1879 BDP16-2566 BDP17-3296 BDP17-4048 BDP17-4049 BDP17-4148 BDP17-4253 BDP17-4629 BDP17-4630 BDP99-00074 BDP99-00075 BDP99-00244 BDP99-02724 PLN2021-00011 PRE2015-00065 SGN2012-00024 SGN2012-00025 SGN2016-00001 UTL2020-00009 VIO2002-28894 VIO2002-28895 VIO2002-28896 VIO2005-43385 VIO2005-43386 VIO2005-43387
0182518253003 R0131379 PERRY RICHARD 4709 W 52ND AVE Residential BDP03-0060 BDP09-1833 BDP14-1975 PLN2021-00011 SWA2015-00048 VIO2003-32863 VIO2003-32878
0182518253002 R0131378 BERKELEY AT REGIS OWNER LLC 4821 W 52ND AVE Residential BDC17-00110 BDP01-00771 BDP01-00772 BDP01-00773 BDP01-00774 PLN2021-00011 RWC2015-00039 VIO2003-37641 VIO2003-37642 VIO2017-01533
0182518238007 R0105464 BERKELEY INVESTMENTS 5400 SHERIDAN BLVD Residential 1973-188-A 1974-043-A BDC11-00062 BDC13-00043 BDL04-00782 BDL04-00868 BDL12-00170 BDL12-00252 BDL12-00449 BDL12-00472 BDP00-00262 BDP00-00466 BDP01-00698 BDP01-02058 BDP12-1098 BDP14-2344 BDP99-00163 BDP99-00434 HST2009-00218 M00-0026 M00-0048 MDP00-00082 MDP00-00084 MDP00-00094 MDP00-00145 PLN2021-00011 UTL2023-00047 VIO1996-2786 VIO1996-3405 VIO1996-990 VIO1998-13204 VIO1998-13205 VIO1998-13206 VIO1998-13207 VIO1998-13208 VIO1998-13209 VIO1998-13224 VIO1998-13225 VIO1998-9228 VIO1998-9229 VIO2001-25262 VIO2001-26996 VIO2001-27005 VIO2001-27464 VIO2001-27466 VIO2002-29478 VIO2002-29479 VIO2002-29480 VIO2002-29481 VIO2002-29482 VIO2002-29483 VIO2007-56562 VIO2016-02035 Z-46-68
0182518238004 R0105463 BERKELEY INVESTMENTS 5400 SHERIDAN BLVD Residential 1973-004-SV BDC03-00062 BDC03-00114 BDC11-00062 BDC11-00163 BDC11-00164 BDC11-00165 BDC11-00166 BDC11-00167 BDC11-00168 BDC12-00040 BDC12-00041 BDC13-00053 BDL06-00464 BDL07-00520 BDL07-00522 BDL08-00423 BDL08-00503 BDL08-00514 BDL08-00545 BDL09-00055 BDL10-00368 BDL10-00459 BDL12-00025 BDL12-00525 BDL13-00224 BDL13-00242 BDL13-00246 BDP00-00466 BDP00-01711 BDP09-1763 BDP10-0732 BDP10-1274 BDP10-3735 BDP10-4292 BDP10-4645 BDP11-0373 BDP11-0890 BDP11-1032 BDP11-1228 BDP11-1468 BDP11-1526 BDP11-1546 BDP11-1930 BDP11-2170 BDP11-2207 BDP11-2224 BDP12-0508 BDP12-0779 BDP12-0799 BDP12-1190 BDP12-1476 BDP12-1477 BDP12-1750 BDP12-1991 BDP13-0123 BDP13-0673 BDP13-0953 BDP13-1118 BDP13-1794 BDP13-2133 BDP14-0099 BDP14-1443 BDP14-2687 BDP19-2231 BDP21-3429 BDP99-00163 CEC2014-00114 HST2010-00707 HST2010-00882 HST2010-01062 M00-0026 M00-0048 MDP00-00145 PLN2021-00011 UTL2023-00011 VIO1999-19261 VIO1999-19262 VIO2003-32859 VIO2003-32860 VIO2005-45458 VIO2006-47650 VIO2006-47651 VIO2008-57891 VIO2008-57892 VIO2017-00536 VIO2018-00181 VIO2018-00399 VIO2018-01441 VIO2018-01686 VIO2018-01747 VIO2019-00091 VIO2019-00714 VIO2019-00986 VIO2019-01325 VIO2019-01584 VIO2021-01407 VSP2011-00007 VSP2011-00008 Z-46-68
0182518230010 R0105459 RUDDEN GLORIA G LIVING TRUST 4420 W 52ND PL Residential BDP17-2857 BDP17-3935 BDP20-3408 PLN2021-00011
0182518230009 R0105458 CARTER ROGER D LIVING TRUST 50% INT AND RUDDEN-CARTER WENDY LIVING TRUST 50% INT 4440 W 52ND PL Residential BDP08-0176 BDP17-3934 PLN2021-00011
0182518230006 R0105457 RUDDEN MICHAEL J 5205 TENNYSON ST Residential BDP18-4089 BDP21-3470 BDP22-1836 PLN2021-00011 UTL2014-00438 UTL2020-00129 VIO1999-16480 VIO1999-18902 VIO2015-02293 VIO2016-02119 VIO2019-01587

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