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0156710403002 R0001351 29482 GADSDEN DR Residential
0156904004009 R0001718 16641 YAMPA WAY Residential
0156905331020 R0002321 1518 MYRTLE ST, BRIGHTON CO Residential
0156906409018 R0003044 269 N 6TH AVE, BRIGHTON CO Residential
0156907116016 R0003640 205 S 10TH AVE, BRIGHTON CO Residential
0156908006009 R0004942 771 S 21ST CT, BRIGHTON CO Residential
0156908006022 R0004955 2152 CHERRY ST, BRIGHTON CO Residential
0156908010055 R0005048 2547 CHERRY CIR, BRIGHTON CO Residential
0156908102007 R0005370 301 S 20TH AVE, BRIGHTON CO Residential
0156908103003 R0005383 250 S 20TH AVE, BRIGHTON CO Residential

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