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Parcel# Account# Owner Site Address Type County Permits
0172116000014 R0075328 10000 BRIGHTON LLC 10000 BRIGHTON RD Commercial BDL07-00368 BDL08-00164 BDP03-1021 BDP03-1161 BDP08-0170 BDP08-0171 BDP08-0544 BDP14-1849 BDP14-2299 BDP22-2429 BDP24-1809 BDP24-1814 BND2008-00002 PLN2010-00012 PRE2006-00026 ROW2008-00403 UTL2024-00242 VIO2006-47694 VIO2006-47695 VIO2006-50928 VIO2006-50929 VIO2010-01505 VIO2011-02106 VIO2019-00431 VSP2007-00023
0172116001001 R0075344 10000 BRIGHTON LLC Commercial BDL08-00019 BDL08-00164 BND2008-00002 PLN2010-00012 PRE2004-00093 PRE2006-00026 PRE2014-00021 ROW2004-00748 VIO1999-14056 VIO1999-14057 VIO2004-39515 VIO2004-39521 VSP2007-00023 Z-39-67
0172116001015 R0075345 10000 BRIGHTON LLC Commercial 1987-055-V PLN2010-00012 VSP2007-00023 Z-39-67
0172116002001 R0075346 10001 BRIGHTON LLC 10001 BRIGHTON RD Commercial 1987-123-V BDL04-00652 BDL06-00408 BDP04-1344 BDP06-1000 PLN2010-00012 PRE2009-00023 PRE2009-00026 S-87-42 UTL2018-00194 VIO1996-2404 VSP2011-00006
0156907305013 R0004286 101 JESSUP ST HOLDINGS LLC 101 JESSUP ST, BRIGHTON CO Commercial
0172115102011 R0161890 10100 HOLDINGS LLC 10100 E 102ND AVE, COMMERCE CITY CO Commercial ANX1987-00046
0182334129028 R0188696 10141 MONTVIEW LLC 10141 E MONTVIEW BLVD, AURORA CO Commercial
0182334428009 R0095651 10201 COLFAX LLC 10201 E COLFAX AVE, AURORA CO Commercial
0182334428010 R0095652 10245 E COLFAX LLC 10247 E COLFAX AVE, AURORA CO Commercial
0182334103010 R0151850 10255 E 25 REV B AND C LLC 10255 E 25TH AVE #B1, AURORA CO Commercial