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0156100001001 R0000542 COLORADO INTERSTATE GAS COMPANY Commercial 1973-006-PU-P
0156500002001 R0000819 GREAT WESTERN COMMUNICATIONS LLC 13595 MANILLA RD Commercial BDL15-00225 BDL15-00799 BDP15-0941 BDP15-2536 BDP20-2116 BDP21-1331 HST2010-00991 VIO2018-00946
0156700015029 R0114172 KADDIE LLC Commercial
0156707404002 R0001246 J AND J FAMILY ENTERPRISES LLC Commercial OGI2020-00181 OGI2020-00311 OGI2022-00028 OGI2023-00013 ROW2004-00550 VIO2006-51108 VIO2009-62358 VIO2010-00809 VIO2011-00972 VIO2011-01810 VIO2014-01867 VSP2004-00002
0156713201006 R0133697 MERAZ GUADALUPE AND MERAZ HEIDY 15181 SHADOW WOOD ST Commercial ACC2021-00131 BDP20-3246 BDP21-0496 BDP21-0789 EGR2021-00023 INF2021-00035 INF2022-00008 MDP01-00089 PUD2001-00027 TVM2022-00008 VSP2001-00067 VSP2022-00007
0156713201007 R0133698 SHADOWOOD LLC 15161 SHADOW WOOD ST Commercial BDL06-00493 BDP06-1276 BDP10-1911 ROW2006-00203 ROW2006-00287 VIO2008-57233 VIO2008-57234
0156714401006 R0143597 KADDIE LLC 32000 E 144TH AVE Commercial BDL02-00272 BDL02-00665 BDL03-00199 BDP02-1440 BDP02-1977 BDP03-0523 BDP03-0914 BDP04-0058 BDP10-2427 LIQ2004-00136 LIQ2005-00086 LIQ2005-00133 LIQ2006-00051 LIQ2007-00095 LIQ2008-00046 LIQ2009-00049 LIQ2010-00038 LIQ2010-00071 PRE2016-00089 PUD2003-00013 PUD2017-00005 VIO2016-01184 VIO2019-01801
0156714401007 R0143598 KADDIE LLC 31000 E 146TH AVE Commercial CEC2012-00539 VIO2012-01671
0156714401009 R0143600 KADDIE LLC Commercial
0156724200003 R0137003 KADDIE LLC Commercial PUD2002-00026 PUD2017-00005

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