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Parcel# Account# Owner Site Address Type County Permits
0156328100003 R0161130 CARDENAS APOLINAR IBARRA 13337 CONVERSE RD Residential BDC06-00225 BDL06-00422 BDL06-00774 BDL06-00811 BDP06-1614 BDP06-1663 VIO2007-53161 VIO2016-02570
0156328100004 R0161129 SHAW JAMES 13255 CONVERSE RD Residential BDL06-00257 BDL07-00673 BDL11-00470 BDP06-0617 BDP07-1726 BDP11-2406 BDP24-0027 ROW2006-00611
0156328400001 R0161128 BREWSTER MEGAN SUE AND OSBMENT DEVIN CADE 13141 CONVERSE RD Residential BDL05-00484 BDP05-1058 BDP19-2778 ROW2005-00316 VIO2019-01334 VIO2019-01347
0156328400002 R0161127 DELGADO EDUARDO 13035 CONVERSE RD Residential BDC06-00223 BDL05-00235 BDL06-00868 BDP05-0850 BDP10-3999 PRE2012-00003 ROW2005-00561
0156328400003 R0161125 HAGER BRANDI 46707 E 128TH AVE Residential BDC07-00174 BDL06-00294 BDL07-00369 BDP06-0702 BDP07-1016 BDP16-1591 BDP21-2504 ROW2006-00431 ROW2006-00613 RWH2015-00068
0156328400004 R0161126 CABRERA GARCIA CHRISTIAN J AND CABRERA GALVAN MARCO A AND CABRERA GARCIA JESSICA 47101 E 128TH AVE Residential BDL05-00868 BDL06-00293 BDP05-1865 BDP06-0737 BDP15-1472 BDP22-1063 BDP23-0449 BDP23-2512 ROW2006-00263 VIO2023-00623
0156330100004 R0143730 ROMERO JUAN JOSE ROMERO ESPERANZA 13291 HARBACK RD Residential BDC05-00095 BDL04-00114 BDL04-00542 BDL06-00221 BDP04-0315 BDP04-1161 BDP05-0703 BDP05-2016 BDP20-3089 BDP21-1275 BDP23-0901 BDP23-1177 CEC2014-00711 PRE2010-00044 PRE2014-00085 ROW2006-00140 RWQ2015-00024 VIO2006-47014 VIO2009-62980 VIO2014-02523 VSP2015-00015
0156331100001 R0121184 GRIFFITH SHANNON E 44015 E 128TH AVE Residential BDP00-00780 BDP10-4153
0156331100002 R0121185 PERCHES JESUS AND PERCHEZ CASTRELLON EDGAR 44025 E 128TH AVE Residential BDC02-00133 BDC02-00134 BDL14-00780 BDP00-00775 BDP14-1725
0156331100003 R0121186 ENGBROCK DAVID E AND HELEN D Residential