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0182515202003 R0104123 CAGSPI 500 LLC 500 W 53RD PL Commercial 1969-003 1974-008-A BDL09-00449 BDP02-1315 BDP09-2325 BDP17-5119 BDP20-1241 BDP20-1914 BDP20-1958 BDP20-1959 BDP20-3416 BDP21-2958 BDP21-3255 BDP22-1098 BDP24-0586 HST2010-00361 LIQ2007-00057 SGN2002-00038 SGN2009-00046 UTL2010-00098 UTL2014-00504 UTL2014-00513 UTL2014-00523 UTL2015-00388 UTL2017-00443 UTL2017-00459 UTL2019-00331 UTL2020-00386 UTL2020-00421 UTL2024-00225 VIO2000-22439
0182515202002 R0104122 WSDB 550 LLC 550 W 53RD PL Commercial 1969-003 1986-067-V BDL02-00918 BDL07-00146 BDL09-00463 BDP01-00558 BDP02-2685 BDP03-0480 BDP07-0893 BDP07-1517 BDP16-0712 BDP16-1201 BDP17-3982 BDP19-1685 BDP99-02019 PRE2006-00009 RCU2000-00077 RCU2006-00004 RCU2011-00026 ROW2003-00273 ROW2006-00582 UTL2022-00592 VIO2002-30419 VIO2002-30420 VIO2002-30421 VIO2004-38615 VIO2004-38616 VIO2017-01840
0182515201001 R0104120 HUNT FAMILY PARTNERSHIP LLLP 5285 FOX ST Commercial 1969-003 BDP01-00458 BDP16-3638 BDP16-3648 BDP16-3962 BDP16-4740 BDP16-4741 BDP16-4839 BDP17-0479 BDP17-2938 BDP19-1012 BDP19-1183 BDP19-2175 BDP19-3642 HST2009-00198 HST2010-01582 ILD2016-00027 ILD2016-00284 ROW2001-00292 ROW2001-00331 SGN1984-034 SGN1993-010 UTL2017-00094 UTL2022-00297 VIO2000-21722 VIO2003-35921 VIO2003-35922
0182515200014 R0104119 UNIVAR USA INC 156 W 56TH AVE Commercial 1988-099-E 1994-084-V 1994-085-C BDL14-00232 BDL14-00585 BDL14-00586 BDL14-00931 BDL14-01232 BDP08-1150 BDP14-1196 BDP14-2304 BDP14-2484 BDP14-2527 BDP15-0025 BDP22-0110 HST2009-00200 UTL2019-00146 UTL2020-00228 UTL2020-00248 UTL2020-00265
0182515200013 R0104118 BLUEWATER INVESTMENTS LLC 396 W 56TH AVE Commercial
0182515200011 R0104117 SCG WEST 53RD PLACE LLC ATTN JOE DUNNE 445 W 53RD PL Commercial BDC05-00257 BDL04-01016 BDL05-00682 BDL06-00033 BDP04-2112 BDP05-1402 BDP05-1839 BDP06-0122 BDP17-1332 BDP17-3827 BDP18-0187 BDP18-2163 BDP18-4556 BDP18-4558 BDP19-0738 BDP21-3460 BDP22-3146 BDP23-1196 BDP23-2649 HST2010-00430 HST2010-00442 HST2010-00572 ROW2003-00293 ROW2005-00562 SGN2006-00005 UTL2017-00187 UTL2021-00626 VIO2002-31360
0182515200009 R0104115 5445 BANNOCK LIMITED LIABILITY LIMITED PARTNERSHIP/C/O PATRICIA B MURRAY 5445 BANNOCK ST Commercial 1994-062-V BDC01-00136 BDL01-00269 BDL14-00972 BDL15-00719 BDL15-01006 BDL15-01150 BDP01-02634 BDP06-2016 BDP14-2187 BDP15-1690 BDP15-2439 BDP15-2765 BDP16-0487 BDP16-1250 BDP16-1899 BDP16-2841 BDP16-3062 BDP17-0383 BDP17-2496 BDP17-2587 BDP17-2589 BDP17-3044 BDP23-2766 EGR2016-00006 INF2016-00052 SGN1999-00001 SGN2008-00027 SGN2008-00028 SGN93-01-01 SP-064-94 SP-35-99 UTL2016-00537 UTL2022-00122 UTL2022-00411 UTL2022-00570 VIO1996-3627 VIO2003-35185 VIO2003-35186
0182515200008 R0104113 OWENS CORNING ROOFING AND ASPHALT LLC ATTN TAX DEPARTMENT 5201 BANNOCK ST Commercial BDL06-00359 BDL10-00134 BDL13-00681 BDP01-02119 BDP05-0051 BDP05-1353 BDP06-0211 BDP06-0418 BDP06-0672 BDP06-0738 BDP10-1502 BDP13-2172 BDP16-0156 BDP19-1105 BDP19-2319 BDP99-01567 INF2018-00062 PRE2001-00111 ROW2003-00001 UTL2019-00213 VIO1996-2252 VIO2002-31720 VIO2002-31721 VIO2002-31722
0182515200005 R0104112 FURNITURE ROW COLO LLC 5555 BROADWAY ST Commercial BDP00-00347 RWD2022-00023 S-332-68 UTL2021-00574 VIO2000-21723
0182515114001 R0175486 SHERMAN STREET INVESTMENT COMPANY C/O JIM TELLMAN 5252 SHERMAN ST Commercial BDP15-2898 BDP21-1397 BDP24-0511 HST2010-01655 UTL2018-00417 VIO2022-02354