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Parcel# Account# Owner Site Address Type County Permits
0156310100001 R0140086 IMEL TYSON AND IMEL JENNIFER 15975 HIGHWAY 79 Residential BDP02-1711 BDP10-3953 PRJ2004-00007 UTL2023-00562
0156312100005 R0137570 GALLOWAY MICHAEL D 51100 E 160TH AVE Residential BDL03-00112 BDP03-0498 BDP10-3957 BDP18-3685 RWH2020-00013
0156312100009 R0162762 FARMER GABRIEL P AND FARMER RENEE D 51080 E 160TH AVE Residential BDL07-00449 BDL12-00341 BDP07-1126 BDP10-3221 BDP12-1364 ROW2006-00475
0156317300001 R0130337 SAUTER JOHN J JR 14800 HARBACK RD Residential EXG2000-00073 PRE2018-00019
0156318300004 R0141075 REDD LINDA AND REDD JEFFREY 43233 E 144TH AVE Residential BDC04-00088 BDL05-00414 BDP02-1400 BDP03-2116 BDP05-1465 BDP06-0435 BDP09-1427 BDP18-4316 PRE2018-00019
0156318400003 R0154795 SEADER ARON AND SEADER MICHELLE 14551 HARBACK RD Residential BDL04-00839 BDP04-1813 BDP23-0317 ROW2004-00818 ROW2004-00855
0156322400006 R0141596 HURTADO HENRY P AND HURTADO TONYA D 14001 HIGHWAY 79 Residential BDL05-00392 BDL10-00475 BDL11-00425 BDP05-0816 BDP11-2278 BDP21-0316 EXG1995-00056 VIO2017-01715
0156322400007 R0141597 FIGURELLI JOHN 13939 HIGHWAY 79 Residential BDL02-00470 BDP02-1295 BDP19-2002 BDP22-2337 BDP22-3099 EXG1995-00056
0156328100001 R0161135 GLAZE STEVE E AND GLAZE RAMIE A 13559 CONVERSE RD Residential BDL05-00290 BDL13-00595 BDL13-00638 BDL13-00639 BDP05-0737 BDP06-1128 BDP13-1611 BDP19-0868 BDP19-3166 BDP20-2066 ROW2005-00204
0156328100002 R0161132 DINGES THOMAS P 13445 CONVERSE RD Residential BDL05-00193 BDL05-00258 BDP05-0507 BDP05-0631 BDP10-4407 BDP18-0179 CLV2010-00026 ROW2005-00198