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0182518117017 R0105389 RESOURCE DYNAMICS CORPORATION Residential
0182518117016 R0105388 PHOENIX MEADE LLC 5261 MEADE ST Residential BDP02-2551 BDP06-0802 BDP17-3823 BDP17-3825 VIO1999-13699 VIO1999-13700 VIO2008-60096 VIO2008-60097
0182518117015 R0105387 ABERLY SCOTT THOMAS AND ABERLY SYLVIA 5271 MEADE ST Residential BDP16-1505 BDP17-4132 BDP24-1714 VSP2000-00026
0182518117014 R0105386 KRIEG WILLIAM S 5281 MEADE ST Residential BDP15-3361 BDP16-0047 BDP17-2196 BDP20-3737 BDP99-02772 VIO1997-3955 VIO1997-3956 VIO1998-13479 VIO1998-13480 VIO1999-13701 VIO1999-13702 VIO2000-22436 VIO2000-22437 VIO2005-44105 VIO2005-44106 VIO2009-63045
0182518117013 R0105385 BROOKS PAUL J AND BROOKS YUKIKO 5291 MEADE ST Residential BDP01-01848 BDP15-2140 PCI2019-00005 UTL2023-00418 VIO1996-1389 VIO1997-4821 VIO1997-7790 VIO1997-7791 VIO1999-17817 VIO2000-22916
0182518117011 R0105384 5251 MEADE LLC 5251 MEADE ST Residential 1973-015-A-V BDP05-0546 BDP05-0547 BDP17-2662 CEC2013-00868 VIO1997-4006 VIO1997-4007 VIO1997-8106 VIO2002-30845 VIO2002-30846 VIO2007-54032 VIO2007-56036 VIO2008-60093
0182518117010 R0105383 LADWIG ARNOLD J UND 1/2 INT AND LADWIG BONNIE S UND 1/2 INT 5231 MEADE ST Residential BDP00-00968 BDP15-1715 BDP16-1402 BDP16-1403 BDP17-1790 BDP17-1791 BDP17-5321 BDP20-3820 BDP23-3316 VIO1997-6554 VIO2008-60139 VIO2008-60140
0182518117009 R0105382 GIBSON TOBI 5221 MEADE ST Residential BDL15-00822 BDP15-2078 BDP18-2467 BDP18-4100 BDP18-5624 BDP18-5882 BDP19-1531 VIO1998-9732 VIO2007-56035
0182518117008 R0105381 EFFICIENT CAPITAL PARTNERS LLC 3785 W 52ND AVE Residential BDL14-01240 BDP09-1736 BDP15-0017 BDP15-0164 BDP15-0170 BDP17-4902 PRE2014-00070 PRE2019-00015 UTL2019-00054 VIO1998-9733 VIO2001-27369 VIO2003-33146 VIO2003-33817 VIO2004-41215 VIO2015-02292 VIO2015-02385 VIO2016-02751
0182518117007 R0105380 EFFICIENT CAPITAL PARTNERS LLC 5230 NEWTON ST Residential 1989-113-V BDP13-0342 BDP17-6047 VIO2005-43323 VIO2007-53697 VIO2008-57900 VIO2016-02756