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Parcel# Account# Owner Site Address Type County Permits
0156305200001 R0129323 EVERSMAN JOHN L AND EVERSMAN DONNA K 16600 HARBACK RD Residential BDL14-00363 BDP00-02658 BDP03-2715 BDP14-0804 PRE2018-00019 ROW2001-00064
0156305200003 R0134559 FERREIRA LISA M/LINDA M AND FERREIRA JOHN Residential PRE2018-00019
0156305200004 R0134560 CROWNER ROGER E AND CROWNER LINDA J 44650 E 168TH AVE Residential BDC06-00148 BDL08-00426 BDP06-1141 BDP08-0130 BDP08-1334 BDP19-0358 ROW2005-00029
0156305200006 R0134562 CROGHAN FAMILY LIVING TRUST 44250 E 168TH AVE Residential BDP05-0196 BDP05-0692 PRE2018-00019
0156309200002 R0117170 GRANVILLE PENNY L 15780 PENRITH RD Residential BDL11-00198 BDP10-3140 BDP11-0831 BDP19-1709 BDP99-01502 BDP99-02431
0156309300001 R0115956 BECKER RODNEY S AND GAYLE R 15500 PENRITH RD Residential BDP21-3237
0156309300002 R0117171 BECKER RODNEY S 15600 PENRITH RD Residential BDP00-00028 BDP99-01767 MDP01-00049 PRE2001-00020 RCU2001-00012 VIO2017-00051
0156309400003 R0117181 TOBIN SHAWN M AND TOBIN JANE E 46601 E 152ND AVE Residential BDL04-00297 BDP04-0683 BDP10-2344 BDP99-02676
0156309400004 R0117191 GUERRERO MENDOZA VANIA AND GUERRERO MENDOZA IMANOL/GUERRERO MENDOZA ISRAEL 46801 E 152ND AVE Residential BDP01-01056 BDP02-2046 BDP10-1727 BDP10-3005 BDP99-02648 ROW2002-00132
0156309400005 R0117192 DENNING JAMES R AND DENNING JENNIFER ANN 47001 E 152ND AVE Residential BDP00-02074 BDP01-01233 BDP10-3050