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0182517207010 R0104962 HERMOSA VETERINARY CLINIC P C 5495 FEDERAL BLVD Commercial 1973-132-PU BDC02-00280 BDC03-00353 BDC05-00012 BDL03-00973 BDL04-00442 BDL04-00592 BDL04-00593 BDL04-00833 BDP00-02075 BDP02-2581 BDP04-1244 BDP04-1700 BDP05-0323 BDP14-0102 BDP17-3933 RCU2004-00011 UTL2017-00011 VIO2001-25782 VSP2004-00008
0182517207013 R0104965 STONEBRAKER CORPORATION 5401 FEDERAL BLVD Commercial BDC12-00166 BDP00-02595 BDP01-00136 BDP01-00351 BDP01-02886 BDP02-2544 BDP05-0622 BDP20-2218 HST2010-00680 ROW2001-00116 SGN1978-8 SGN1978-9 SGN2006-00035 TVM2002-00006 VIO2002-29001 VIO2002-29002 VIO2002-31663 VIO2002-31664 VIO2002-31665 VIO2003-37104 VIO2003-37105 VIO2015-02549 VIO2018-00425 VIO2018-01439 VIO2018-01631 VIO2020-00769 VSP2004-00053
0182517208020 R0104981 LOJ LLC 5383 FEDERAL BLVD Commercial 1972-137-Z BDP99-02261 RCU2005-00042 RCU2010-00017 VIO1999-15299 VIO1999-15300 VIO2020-00192 VIO2021-00491
0182517208021 R0104982 LOJ LLC 5399 FEDERAL BLVD Commercial BDL02-00286 BDL03-00799 BDL06-00164 BDP02-0266 BDP02-0746 BDP02-0748 BDP03-2285 BDP06-0469 PRE2005-00049 RCU2005-00042 RCU2010-00017 RCU2017-00004 ROW2002-00265 SGN1965-80 SGN1977-5399 SGN1977-63 VIO1997-4386 VIO2000-22578 VIO2000-22579 VIO2003-37714 VIO2003-37715 VIO2014-00625 VIO2017-02099 VIO2017-02377 VIO2020-00169 VIO2021-00492
0182517208036 R0104988 FED53 LLC 5355 FEDERAL BLVD Commercial BDC11-00001 BDP18-2305 BDP19-1735 ECI2021-00006 HST2010-00735 TVM2008-00018 TVM2010-00015 TVM2018-00018 TVM2019-00019 TVM2020-00011 VIO2014-00341 VIO2014-00342 VIO2017-00768 VIO2021-00296 VIO2022-03700
0182517219006 R0105130 LOWELL REAL ESTATE LLC ATTN GENERAL COUNSEL 5201 FEDERAL BLVD Commercial 1955-117 BDC11-00048 BDP18-3270 HST2010-01712 LIQ2006-00092 LIQ2007-00052 LIQ2008-00045 LIQ2009-00047 LIQ2010-00040 LIQ2011-00045 LIQ2012-00046 LIQ2013-00037 LIQ2014-00041 LIQ2015-00051 LIQ2016-00044 LIQ2017-00055 SWA2019-00001 VIO2004-38275 VIO2004-38276 VIO2004-38277 VIO2004-40561 VIO2004-40562 VIO2004-40563 VIO2007-52151 VIO2007-52152 VIO2007-55237 VIO2007-55238 VIO2007-55239 VIO2012-00727
0182517219007 R0105131 LOWELL REAL ESTATE LLC ATTN GENERAL COUNSEL 5201 FEDERAL BLVD Commercial 1999-118-LL BDC11-00048 HST2010-01712 LIQ1999-00009 LIQ2000-00041 LIQ2001-00049 LIQ2002-00046 LIQ2003-00046 LIQ2004-00046 LIQ2005-00070 LIQ2007-00010 LIQ2009-00047 LIQ2010-00040 SWA2019-00004 VIO1999-17714 VIO1999-17715 VIO2008-58245 VIO2008-58246 VSP2002-00001
0182517219008 R0105132 REGIS UNIVERSITY 5203 FEDERAL BLVD Commercial 1998-216-SV-W RWC2022-00102 SGN1965-17433 TVM2006-00017 UTL2021-00178 VIO1999-17717 VIO2016-02013 VIO2016-02014 VIO2018-01733 VSP2005-00033
0182518100030 R0105147 THOUTT BROTHERS CONCRETE CONTRACTORS INC 5470 TENNYSON ST Commercial ACC2020-00149 BDC05-00187 BDL05-00648 BDP05-1286 BDP09-1206 BDP12-2064 BDP17-1835 BDP17-1840 HST2010-01846 UTL2020-00402 VIO2017-01307 VIO2018-01442
0182518120004 R0105408 GRIEVE JOSEPH J AND GRIEVE CATHERINE A 5390 TENNYSON ST Commercial 1971-018 1989-071-Z-AP BDL04-01086 BDP13-0415 BDP17-1803 HST2010-00925 ROW2009-00162 RWC2010-00313 UTL2019-00402 VIO1997-6944 VIO1998-12113 VIO1999-14627

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