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Parcel# Account# Owner Site Address Type County Permits
0156300000160 R0115183 RECIO EFRAIN SANDOVAL 15300 PENRITH RD Residential BDP02-2388 BDP07-0876 BDP10-1940 BDP99-01839 CLV2010-00040 VIO2022-00340
0156300000161 R0115185 RAMIREZ ROSA CECELIA AND RAMIREZ DERUEDA FABIAN 46300 E 160TH AVE Residential BDL05-00995 BDP05-2050 BDP18-5565 BDP99-00123
0156300000162 R0115186 MASON JOSHUA D AND MASON BETHANY LYNN 46570 E 160TH AVE Residential BDL06-00258 BDP06-0239 BDP06-0705 BDP22-1655 BDP22-3377 BDP23-3567 BDP23-3602
0156300000164 R0115189 MEDINA LINDA M 47000 E 160TH AVE Residential BDL05-00795 BDL15-00906 BDP02-0142 BDP05-1603 BDP15-2370 BDP18-2552 BDP19-1001 ROW2002-00841
0156300000165 R0115194 CURTIS ROY GLEN JR 15700 PENRITH RD Residential 1998-174-S BDL03-00722 BDP02-2587 BDP03-2236 BDP04-2110 BDP09-2020 BDP99-01294 VIO2000-23417 VIO2000-23418
0156300000167 R0115937 MCANINCH CLINT 46301 E 152ND AVE Residential BDP18-0779 BDP99-01818 PRE2019-00007 VIO2018-00778
0156304300001 R0122444 GRIEGO JEFFREY A 16100 PENRITH RD Residential BDP00-01041 BDP00-01407
0156304400001 R0185599 WYATT KERRI MICHELLE AND WYATT DON GENE JR 46751 E 160TH AVE Residential
0156305100001 R0142057 BANUELOS JORGE LUNA 44950 E 168TH AVE Residential BDL03-00139 BDP03-0712 BDP16-4553 BDP20-2266 ROW2003-00248
0156305100003 R0142059 VOLMER PAUL G AND VOLMER GESELLE C 16751 PENRITH RD Residential BDL03-00232 BDL04-00820 BDL08-00279 BDL09-00044 BDP03-0683 BDP04-1792 BDP07-0191 BDP08-1125 BDP09-0291 ROW2003-00383 ROW2004-00542