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Parcel# Account# Owner Site Address Type County Permits
0182518119003 R0105407 MONNET ALFRED A AND MONNET MARGIE L Residential 1972-033
0182518119002 R0105406 BOONE JOE E BOONE WENDY L 5401 NEWTON ST Residential 1972-033 BDP14-2786 BDP17-3526 VIO1997-5565 VIO2007-53707
0182518119001 R0105405 MONNET ALFRED A AND MONNET MARGIE L 5431 NEWTON ST Residential 1972-033 BDP17-3524
0182518118027 R0188128 ABW GROUP HOMES 1 LLC 5241 LOWELL BLVD Residential PRE2022-00060
0182518118026 R0188127 KNIGHT DEBORAH L 5270 MEADE ST Residential BDC19-00070 BDP24-1674 VIO2018-00799 VIO2018-00888 VIO2018-01464 VIO2018-01588 VIO2019-01172 VIO2020-01188 VIO2024-00795
0182518118025 R0184324 SGD LLC 5255 LOWELL BLVD Residential BDP17-3100 BDP17-4055 VIO2024-00387 VIO2024-00736
0182518118024 R0184323 GAVIT STEPHAN C AKA GAVIT STEPHAN 5247 LOWELL BLVD Residential BDP17-2056 VIO2015-01353
0182518118023 R0174234 SEXTON STEPHANIE AND COE JASON 5235 LOWELL BLVD Residential BDL07-00073 BDL08-00172 BDP08-0539 BDP08-0566
0182518118022 R0174233 COE JASON 5237 LOWELL BLVD Residential BDP17-3679 BDP17-3680 CEC2014-00693
0182518118021 R0114614 LOMBARDI LARA N AND LOMBARDI GINO F 3606 W 53RD AVE Residential BDP17-2355 BDP99-00418 BDP99-00602 BDP99-00781 UTL2023-00206 VIO2001-24398 VIO2001-24399 VIO2006-49692 VIO2006-50273 VIO2007-53880 VIO2007-53881 VIO2008-58078 VIO2015-02931 VIO2015-02932 VIO2015-02933