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0156300000111 R0000614 BOMARETO ROBERT 13600 KIOWA BENNETT RD Residential BDP10-3347 BDP16-2780 BDP17-1746 BDP17-3049 BDP23-1238 EXG1995-00054 HST2010-00752
0156300000113 R0000616 MCGRATH KEVIN 43200 E 136TH AVE Residential BDC23-00022 BDP18-2386 BDP21-1910 BDP23-1117 CEC2015-00209 PRE2002-00116 RCU2023-00006 ROW2002-00225 VIO2009-60838 VIO2009-60929 VIO2015-01113 VIO2015-01114 VIO2023-00220
0156300000143 R0110478 MORELAND LEZLI JEANINE 16545 PENRITH RD Residential BDP00-01861 BDP10-4026
0156300000147 R0110676 CIMINO NICK S 16125 CONVERSE RD Residential BDP21-3903 BDP99-01872
0156300000148 R0110677 DIAZ CATALAN JAIME DIAZ ETZANY 16255 CONVERSE RD Residential BDL09-00027 BDP09-0137 BDP23-0588
0156300000149 R0110678 DUMDI MARK 16375 CONVERSE RD Residential BDL01-00299 BDP01-02717 BDP10-2539 BDP17-0169 BDP17-0750
0156300000153 R0112735 RUPPLE RONALD PAUL AND RUPPLE AMBER RAE 15990 PENRITH RD Residential BDL10-00305 BDP00-00752 BDP10-2810 BDP10-2972
0156300000155 R0112769 SANDOVAL RICARDO AND SANDOVAL MARISOL 16699 CONVERSE RD Residential BDP02-1605 PLT2002-00054 PRJ2002-00045 PUD2002-00050 RCU2002-00078
0156300000157 R0112757 SCOTT DAVID D AND SCOTT CHERYL A 15801 CONVERSE RD Residential BDL03-00652 BDP00-00066 BDP01-01988 BDP03-1752 VIO2000-19420 VIO2000-20657

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