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0182518200028 R0105426 CHAVEZ ALDO 4503 W 52ND AVE Residential BDC02-00052 BDC03-00225 BDC06-00312 BDC09-00121 BDC11-00130 BDC12-00048 BDL03-00607 BDL07-00644 BDL09-00256 BDL11-00326 BDP03-1715 BDP06-1818 BDP08-0109 BDP08-0111 BDP09-0389 BDP09-0481 BDP09-1157 BDP11-1557 BDP11-1638 BDP12-0786 CEC2014-00295 PLN2021-00011 VIO2002-28334 VIO2002-28823 VIO2002-28824 VIO2002-29265 VIO2003-33161 VIO2003-33495 VIO2003-37212 VIO2003-37653 VIO2006-49370 VIO2006-49371 VIO2006-49372 VIO2011-01648 VIO2019-00368
0182518200027 R0105425 RUDDEN GLORIA G 4525 W 52ND AVE Residential BDP09-1204 BDP10-2165 BDP17-2962 BDP17-4062 HST2011-00062 PLN2021-00011 ROW2006-00654
0182518200026 R0105424 SECRETARY OF VETERANS AFFAIRS C/O DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS 4569 W 52ND AVE Residential 1952-050 BDP17-5683 PLN2021-00011 VIO1997-6775 VIO1997-6776
0182518200025 R0105423 PENDLETON BONNE LU 1/2 INT AND PENDLETON BRIAN CLARK 1/2 INT 4579 W 52ND AVE Residential BDP17-4269 BDP99-00168 PLN2021-00011 VIO2020-00379
0182518200024 R0105422 PENDLETON BONNE LU 1/2 INT AND PENDLETON BRIAN CLARK 1/2 INT Residential PLN2021-00011
0182518200023 R0105421 CABRIALES RAMON AND CABRIALES MARIA 4545 W 52ND AVE Residential BDP11-1685 PLN2021-00011 VIO2019-00659
0182518200021 R0105420 GALLEGOS SCOTT A 4651 W 52ND AVE Residential BDP15-2352 BDP17-5254 PLN2021-00011
0182518200010 R0105415 HILL LANA L AND HILL MATTHEW 5095 W 52ND AVE Residential BDP06-0735 BDP08-0072 BDP10-0740 BDP17-5810 PLN2021-00011
0182518200008 R0105414 NEAL ROBERT 5301 TENNYSON ST Residential BDP05-1535 BDP18-1620 PLN2021-00011 PRJ2007-00005 VIO2000-19674 VIO2000-22184 VIO2002-31879 VIO2004-38719 VIO2008-57340 VIO2010-00492 VIO2010-00500 VIO2015-02470 VIO2016-00687
0182518200006 R0105413 KC TRUST II THE Residential PLN2021-00011 PRE2001-00019 PRE2001-00151 PRE2011-00013 VIO2002-29484 VIO2010-00334 VIO2022-03381