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0156135100001 R0129964 WITZEL RYAN P WITZEL CARIANNE 12751 PASS ME BY RD Residential BDL04-00912 BDL05-00312 BDL15-00274 BDL15-00379 BDL15-00455 BDP04-1894 BDP15-0733 BDP15-1186 BDP16-3484 BDP16-3485 ROW2004-00599
0156135100003 R0129966 CASTILLO MONGE MANUEL A AND MONGE ISELA 12571 PASS ME BY RD Residential BDL04-00602 BDL06-00412 BDP04-1276 BDP06-0848 ROW2004-00428
0156135100004 R0129967 ROJO JESUS AND ROJO ELSA 12451 PASS ME BY RD Residential BDP01-00214 BDL02-00735 BDP02-2092 BDL10-00200 BDP10-1319 BDL10-00492 BDP10-2037 BDP10-4395 ROW2001-00253
0156135400001 R0129968 MAHE JOHN M 12351 PASS ME BY RD Residential BDP03-2209 ROW2003-00720 UTL2018-00004
0156135401001 R0167070 VALENZUELA MARIA E AND SANDOVAL MARIA GUTIERREZ 12255 PASS ME BY RD Residential BDP18-2161 CLV2018-00007
0156135401002 R0167071 WEAVER DANIEL AND WEAVER KENDRA 12181 PASS ME BY RD Residential ACC2019-00006 BDP18-4356 BDP19-0732 BDP19-1811 BDP23-3096
0156135401003 R0167072 PASSMEBY ROAD REVOCABLE TRUST 12101 PASS ME BY RD Residential ACC2022-00115 BDP18-3723 BDP20-3172 VIO2020-00323
0156135401004 R0167073 MURDOCH DEAN F AND MURDOCH LAURIE ANN 12033 PASS ME BY RD Residential BDP18-0400 BDP18-0847 BDP20-1065 BDP23-2853
0156300000100 R0000610 SPOERING GARY N AND SPOERING PARILA 46101 E 152ND AVE Residential BDC09-00004 BDC10-00092 BDL06-00558 BDP06-1572 CEC2012-00155 CEC2015-00930 PRE2006-00062 VIO2005-46151 VIO2012-00907 VIO2012-00908 VIO2015-02717 VIO2018-00221 VIO2022-00522 VIO2022-00523
0156300000104 R0000611 BAANHOFMAN LUANN C/O TRACI ANDERSON 47501 E 144TH AVE Residential 1995-050-V BDP04-0868 VIO2011-00880 VIO2012-00875 VIO2022-02266 VIO2022-02267

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