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Parcel# Account# Owner Site Address Type County Permits
0156102100005 R0139084 WITT KYLE D AND WITT ROBIN R 16420 MYSTIC LN Residential BDC07-00182 BDL02-00571 BDP02-1595 BDP17-0266 ROW2002-00264 RWH2020-00020 VIO2016-01106 WET2017-00007
0156102400002 R0139083 BARNES CLIFFORD K AND BARNES MAYJEAN D 16300 MYSTIC LN Residential BDL04-00181 BDP03-1030 BDP04-0452 BDP16-2634 BDP16-2637 BDP17-2000 BDP17-4676 BDP17-5293 BDP21-2081 BDP22-2100 ROW2002-00263 RWH2020-00020 WET2017-00021
0156102400004 R0139081 BRAUN REBECCA L AND RAINS DEBRA K 16060 MYSTIC LN Residential BDC03-00282 BDL03-00664 BDL03-00679 BDL08-00047 BDL09-00270 BDP03-1842 BDP03-1939 BDP08-0237 BDP09-1285 BDP14-0096 ROW2003-00702 RWH2020-00020
0156117300001 R0141962 HOPP DANIEL D AND HOPP ANDREA R V 54229 E 144TH AVE Residential BDP03-1672 ROW2002-00203
0156123100001 R0129991 MARTINEZ DAVID ALLEN AND MARTINEZ PAMELA L 14395 PASS ME BY RD Residential BDL04-00974 BDP04-2008 BDP12-1347 ROW2004-00696
0156123100003 R0129993 HESS JONATHAN H AND HESS KAYLA A 14201 PASS ME BY RD Residential BDL08-00539 BDP02-1390 BDP09-0001 BDP16-1738 ROW2002-00456
0156123400003 R0130005 VAN BIBBER NATHANIEL J AND VAN BIBBER SHANNON M 13733 PASS ME BY RD Residential BDL03-00054 BDL03-00055 BDP03-0236 BDP03-0237 BDP15-1792 BDP19-1355 BDP21-1444 BDP22-2981 PRE2012-00046 ROW2003-00246
0156123400004 R0130013 BANNING KATHERINE L 13655 PASS ME BY RD Residential BDL04-00384 BDP04-0740 BDP04-0804 BDP04-1065 BDP16-4699 ROW2004-00325
0156126100003 R0130015 NEWMAN SCOTT W 13433 PASS ME BY RD Residential BDL03-00544 BDP03-1473 BDP03-1568 BDP18-5639 BDP19-2087 ROW2003-00382
0156126400005 R0129972 ROLANDO FRANKIE AND ROLANDO MELISSA 12901 PASS ME BY RD Residential BDL04-00942 BDP04-2014 BDP15-0066 ROW2003-00417