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0182518230003 R0105454 THE GLORIA G RUDDEN LIVING TRUST 4409 W 52ND AVE Residential BDP08-0905 BDP21-2263 CEC2014-00668 PLN2021-00011 VIO2002-29577 VIO2010-01313 VIO2013-00546 VIO2014-02314 VIO2016-01533 VIO2016-01687 VIO2017-00813 VIO2017-01420 VIO2018-00819 VIO2018-00820
0182518230002 R0105453 52ND AVENUE INVESTMENTS LLC 4469 W 52ND AVE Residential PLN2021-00011 SWA2013-00414
0182518230001 R0105452 CARTER ROGER D LIVING TRUST 1/2 INT AND RUDDEN-CARTER WENDY LIVING TRUST THE 1/2 4460 W 52ND PL Residential PLN2021-00011 VIO1997-7107 VIO1999-16455 VIO2001-25912 VIO2001-27550
0182518229004 R0105451 52ND AVENUE INVESTMENTS LLC 4401 W 52ND PL Residential 1964-003 BDP09-1604 BDP17-4243 PLN2021-00011
0182518229003 R0105450 52ND AVENUE INVESTMENTS LLC 4421 W 52ND PL Residential BDP10-0101 BDP17-2960 BDP17-3932 PLN2021-00011 VIO1998-9005
0182518229002 R0105449 52ND AVENUE INVESTMENTS LLC 4441 W 52ND PL Residential BDP17-4242 PLN2021-00011
0182518229001 R0105448 52ND AVENUE INVESTMENTS LLC 4461 W 52ND PL #1 Residential A-86-70 BDP17-3931 PLN2021-00011
0182518206009 R0105446 BERKELEY VILLAGE CENTER LLC Residential PRE2009-00047 VIO2014-02198 VIO2019-00234 Z-125-72 Z-46-68
0182518201008 R0105440 LESNIAK JAMES JOSEPH AND JERGE LESNIAK LISA ANN 4402 ST CLAIR PL Residential BDP00-01714 BDP10-0258 BDP16-2953 BDP17-5027 BDP17-5028 BDP19-0207 CEC2012-00297 PLN2021-00011 VIO1997-4022 VIO1997-4023 VIO1997-4024 VIO1997-4025 VIO1997-6013 VIO1999-14492 VIO1999-14493 VIO1999-15994 VIO1999-15995 VIO1999-19255 VIO1999-19256 VIO2000-19572 VIO2000-21520 VIO2000-21521 VIO2001-24518 VIO2001-24519 VIO2002-28675 VIO2002-28676 VIO2002-28677 VIO2002-28678 VIO2002-28679 VIO2002-28680 VIO2002-29709 VIO2002-29710 VIO2002-29711 VIO2002-29712 VIO2002-30655 VIO2002-30656 VIO2003-33787 VIO2003-33788 VIO2003-33789 VIO2003-33790 VIO2003-33791 VIO2003-33792 VIO2005-44840 VIO2005-44841 VIO2007-55708 VIO2007-55709 VIO2009-60674 VIO2009-60675 VIO2011-01702 VIO2012-01084 VIO2020-00729
0182518201007 R0105439 ST CLAIR MARIE E 5295 TENNYSON ST Residential 1972-048 1995-037-V BDP07-0300 BDP09-0968 BDP17-2102 BDP17-2103 CEC2012-00296 PLN2021-00011 UTL2021-00136 UTL2021-00415 VIO2002-30657