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Parcel# Account# Owner Site Address Type County Permits
0155704100001 R0116045 CADENA ADAYENCI 76000 E 168TH AVE Residential BDC15-00031 BDP21-0124
0155705400001 R0137576 JOHNSON JAMES RICHARD 16351 PEORIA CROSSING RD Residential PRE2009-00063 ROW2001-00868 VIO2008-60216 VIO2008-60217
0155705400002 R0137575 STAPLES JILL E 16321 PEORIA CROSSING RD Residential ARP2023-00003 BDP01-02170 BDP17-4209 ROW2001-00868 ROW2001-01032
0155900000100 R0110901 EVANS SIEGLINDE C AND HOLLOWAY ERIN 65450 E 128TH AVE Residential BDP99-01906
0156100000103 R0000528 NICHOLS JAMES P AND NICHOLS PRISCILLA A 12351 STRASBURG RD Residential OGI2020-00088 OGI2021-00536
0156100000107 R0000530 BETZINA CRAIG A AND NANNEY DEBORAH M 12171 STRASBURG RD Residential 1998-209-S VIO1998-13190 VIO1999-13896
0156100000120 R0000537 WALL GARY W AND LINDA E 12251 STRASBURG RD Residential BDL07-00109 BDP07-0291 BDP12-1656 BDP19-3674 BDP23-2791
0156100000124 R0000540 SKINNER WILLIAM A JR AND SKINNER MELISSA D 52245 E 144TH AVE Residential 1992-055-Z-E BDP10-2617 BDP15-1975 VIO2022-00625
0156102100003 R0139088 FETTY BRYON W AND FETTY LORY E 16590 MYSTIC LN Residential BDL04-00533 BDP04-1220 BDP10-0014 BDP10-4498 BDP14-2613 BDP19-0639 BDP23-2835 ROW2003-00342 RWH2020-00020 WET2019-00015

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