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0182516221021 R0104484 GARCIA PAMELA JEANNE 5281 WYANDOT ST Residential A-130-70 BDC15-00028 BDC15-00068 BDL15-00568 BDP15-1267 VIO1999-15702 VIO1999-15703 VIO2001-24931 VIO2001-24932 VIO2002-28832 VIO2002-28833 VIO2002-28834 VIO2015-01101 VIO2015-01102
0182516221022 R0104485 HIEMANN MATTHEW 5291 WYANDOT ST Residential BDP19-0488 VIO1999-15701 VIO1999-15704 VIO2000-23115 VIO2000-23116 VIO2000-23118 VIO2000-23119 VIO2002-28835 VIO2002-28836 VIO2002-28837 VIO2002-31212 VIO2002-31213 VIO2002-31214 VIO2005-45238 VIO2005-46118 VIO2006-50564 VIO2006-50565 VIO2006-50566 VIO2009-61384 VIO2009-61385 VIO2009-61386 VIO2015-01099 VIO2015-01100 VIO2019-00917 VIO2019-00949 VIO2023-03081
0182516221024 R0104487 WYANDOT 5251 LLC 5251 WYANDOT ST Residential 1973-122-Z BDC09-00192 BDP11-2542 BDP17-4123 HST2009-00112 VIO1997-5672 VIO1999-17955 VIO1999-17956 VIO2000-23120 VIO2000-23121 VIO2002-29672 VIO2002-29673 VIO2003-33972 VIO2003-33973 VIO2011-00447 VIO2016-00134
0182516221028 R0174864 FRAZZINI KAREN M AND FRAZZINI JOSHUA A 5241 WYANDOT ST Residential BDP16-0856 BDP17-5041 BDP20-0996 BDP22-3086 UTL2010-00277 VIO2014-02502 VIO2014-02503 VIO2016-02096
0182516221031 R0194141 FENICE PARTNERS LLC Residential BDP22-2236 BDP22-2258 BDP22-2259 BDP22-2265 BDP22-2267 BDP22-2268 EGR2022-00044 PRE2022-00038 USE2022-00011 UTL2023-00192 VIO2021-00454 VIO2021-01794
0182516221033 R0199653 PERREAULT MARC ANDREW AND PERREAULT KALYSSA LYNN 2325 W 52ND AVE Residential PLN2019-00016
0182516221034 R0199652 JONES KEITH CONNER AND JONES SYLVIA MICHELLE 2315 W 52ND AVE Residential
0182516221035 R0199651 FITZPATRICK DINA 2305 W 52ND AVE Residential
0182516221037 R0199649 CORTEZ JAMES HERNANDEZ AND CORTEZ MAIRA MIRANDA 2285 W 52ND AVE Residential

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