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0182518116011 R0105362 QUINTANA MONTE A AND QUINTANA REBECCA M 5245 NEWTON ST Residential BDP17-5935 VIO1997-6781 VIO1997-6782 VIO2001-24523 VIO2001-24524 VIO2002-29724 VIO2002-29732 VIO2002-31168 VIO2004-41177 VIO2007-53700 VIO2007-53702
0182518116009 R0105361 YUKON PARTNERS LLC 5205 NEWTON ST Residential BDC10-00250 BDL10-00485 BDP10-3429 BDP10-4514 BDP17-3492 CLV2011-00024 VIO1997-4460 VIO1998-9734 VIO1999-14880 VIO1999-14881 VIO2000-19847 VIO2000-20905 VIO2000-20906 VIO2002-29629 VIO2003-35726 VIO2007-53695 VIO2007-53696 VIO2015-02833 VIO2016-03060 VIO2022-03771
0182518116007 R0105360 WINKLER DART MORGAN AND LAFFERTY HEATHER ANN 5220 OSCEOLA ST Residential BDP13-0401 BDP19-3914 VIO2001-26633 VIO2003-35677 VIO2007-53689 VIO2010-00504 VIO2017-01873 VIO2021-01897 VIO2024-00011
0182518116006 R0105359 LAFFERTY HEATHER A AND WINKLER WILLIAM FH 5240 OSCEOLA ST Residential BDP06-1555 BDP16-1753 BDP17-4896 VIO2003-33805
0182518116005 R0105358 BENOIT LESTER D LIVING TRUST 1/2 INT AND BENOIT ELLEN E LIVING TRUST 1/2 INT 5260 OSCEOLA ST Residential 1952-011 1994-126-A BDP17-2567 CEC2012-00553 UTL2023-00579
0182518116004 R0105357 INSKEEP THOMAS D 5262 OSCEOLA ST Residential UTL2023-00306 VIO1997-6380
0182518116003 R0105356 MOERSEN ADRIA M 5264 OSCEOLA ST Residential 1952-012 BDL11-00348 BDP11-1819 BDP11-1820 BDP17-1811 ROW2003-00128 VIO2000-19842 VIO2000-19843 VIO2024-00044
0182518116002 R0105355 LAUFER JEREMY AND NEWSOM JORDAN 5266 OSCEOLA ST Residential CEC2014-00664 CEC2015-00563 UTL2023-00579 UTL2023-00580 VIO1998-9758 VIO1998-9759 VIO2002-29625 VIO2002-29626 VIO2003-33774 VIO2003-33775 VIO2005-44087 VIO2005-44088 VIO2006-47015 VIO2006-47016 VIO2008-59705 VIO2008-59706 VIO2014-02311 VIO2019-01477 VIO2019-01603 VIO2020-00342
0182518116001 R0105354 CARTER SHAUN 5290 OSCEOLA ST Residential BDC09-00185 BDP02-0451 BDP05-1451 BDP05-1823 BDP17-4332 ILD2023-00025 RWC2013-00009 VIO2014-00490 VIO2019-01904
0182518115020 R0116393 BEECHER BRYAN D AND BEECHER BREAHNA R 5240 PERRY ST Residential BDC13-00155 BDL11-00314 BDP11-1764 BDP12-0111 BDP22-2317 UTL2011-00234 UTL2011-00236