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0156331100004 R0127436 ALTON HAROLD CLINTON AND COOPER TANYA LEE 44045 E 128TH AVE Residential BDL13-00163 BDP00-02063 BDP05-0814 BDP13-0568 BDP20-3959 PRE2006-00096 ROW2001-00479
0156331400002 R0127264 CORBIN BRET LEE 44055 E 128TH AVE Residential BDP16-2339 BDP23-2397
0156331400003 R0127265 RAMIREZ CYNTHIA D 44065 E 128TH AVE Residential BDL02-00621 BDP00-01414 BDP02-1721 BDP14-1461 BDP21-1844 ROW2001-00479
0156331400004 R0127266 CAMPBELL JAMES R AND CAMPBELL TAMARA S 44075 E 128TH AVE Residential BDP00-01656 BDP23-2984 ROW2001-00479
0156331400005 R0127267 SAUCEDO PEDRO AND RAMIREZ GABRIELA 44085 E 128TH AVE Residential BDP00-02119 MDP00-00076 ROW2001-00479 RWH2020-00008
0156332300002 R0141674 CHAVEZ ALEJANDRO AND CHAVEZ MARIA V 44901 E 120TH AVE Residential
0156500000021 R0000653 MAVIS DONAVEE I 34241 E 152ND AVE Residential 1973-177-A BDL11-00141 BDP10-4390 BDP11-0671 HST2010-00500 PRJ2009-00006
0156500000128 R0000716 SCHWARTZ CHARLES 33901 E 152ND AVE Residential BDP00-00353 BDP00-00418 BDP20-1660
0156500000143 R0000726 NORTH MARTHA M 15870 QUAIL RUN RD Residential BDP02-2642 BDP20-2325 SWA2018-00006
0156500000145 R0000728 COLBECK FORREST E AND COLBECK MARGIE 39400 E 160TH AVE Residential BDL08-00174 BDL08-00175 BDP02-1049 BDP08-0590 BDP08-0591 BDP15-0988 TVM2023-00029

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