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Parcel Number: 0182510103001

Owners Name and Address:Property Address:

1687 COLE BLVD STE 300
GOLDEN CO 80401-3318
200 E 64TH AVE
Account Summary

Legal Description

Subdivision Plat

Account Summary
Account NumbersDate AddedTax DistrictMill Levy
R0103468On or Before 01/01/199603899.960


Permit Cases

Sales Summary

Sale DateSale PriceDeed TypeReception NumberBookPageGrantorGranteeDoc. FeeDoc. Date
04/29/1998$900,000.00WDC03918835316766/767BEAR FRAME AND AXLEORR ED UND 55% INT AND$9005/01/1998
10/27/1999$410,000.00WDC06085025940625AVALANCHE FUNDING LLCORR FRED J 61% INT AND$4111/02/1999
10/27/1999$609,048.00SWDC06085035940627ORR EDORR FRED J 61% INT AND$60.911/02/1999
09/24/2001$10.00QCC0862013DISBERGER MIKE UND 39% INTREWOOD LLC UND 39% INT$009/26/2001
09/24/2001$10.00QCC0862014ORR FRED J 61% INTAA WHOLESALE STORAGE LLC 61% I$009/26/2001
11/25/2003$10.00QC0400079778020040820REDWOOD LLCTABLEROCK CHARITABLE TRUST THE$008/20/2004
08/10/2004$2,125,000.00SWD200400079779020040820AA WHOLESALE STORAGE LLC ET ALBVI LLC$212.508/20/2004
08/01/2018$5,400,000.00BLK2018000061982BVI LLCAGGREGATE INDUSTRIES-WCR INC$54008/01/2018

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Valuation Summary

Land Valuation Summary
Account Number Land TypeUnit of MeasureNumber of UnitsFire DistrictSchool DistrictVacant/ImprovedActual ValueAssessed Value
R0103468IndustrialAcres2.5600ADAMS COUNTY FIRE PROTECTION DISTSchool District 1-MapletonI$836,348.00$242,540.00
Land Subtotal:      $836,348.00$242,540.00
Improvements Valuation Summary
Account NumberActual ValueAssessed Value
Improvements Subtotal:$1,205,773.00$349,680.00

Total Property Value$2,042,121.00$592,220.00

Building Summary

Building Number: 1

Individual Built As Detail
Built As:Distribution Warehouse
Year Built:1973
Building Type:Commercial
Construction Type:
Built As SQ Ft:30000
Number of Rooms:0
Number of Baths:0.00
Number of Bedrooms:0
Attached Garage SQ Ft:0
Detached Garage Square Ft:0
Basement SQ Ft:0
Finished Basement SQ Ft:0

Building Number: 2

Individual Built As Detail
Built As:Storage Garage
Year Built:2005
Building Type:Commercial
Construction Type:
Built As SQ Ft:1200
Number of Rooms:0
Number of Baths:0.00
Number of Bedrooms:0
Attached Garage SQ Ft:0
Detached Garage Square Ft:0
Basement SQ Ft:0
Finished Basement SQ Ft:0

Tax Summary

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Enterprise Zone Summary

Property within Enterprise Zone

Precincts and Legislative Representatives Summary


Commissioner Representative

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State House Representative

House DistrictLink to Representative
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State Senate Representative

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US Congress Representative

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Zoning Summary
Zoning Summary

Zoning AuthorityZoning
Adams CountyI-3

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