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Parcel Number: 0182102300008

Owners Name and Address:Property Address:

GLENDALE CO 80246-3053  
Account Summary

Legal Description
SECT,TWN,RNG:2-3-66 DESC: PARCEL 4B PT OF THE SW4 AND PT OF THE SE4 OF SEC 2 DESC AS FOLS BEG AT THE SE COR OF SEC 3 TH N 30 FT TO THE POB TH CONT N 2554/53 FT TH E 130/55 FT TO A P C TH ALG ARC OF CURVE TO RT HAV A C/A OF 40D 50M RAD OF 750 FT ARC LNG OF 534/67 FT (THE CHD WHICH BRS S 69D 34M E 523/42 FT) TH S 49D 09M E 447/66 FT TO A P C TH ALG ARC OF CURVE TO LEFT HAV A C/A OF 26D 04M RAD OF 750 FT ARC LNG OF 341/30 FT (THE CHD WHICH BRS S 62D 11M E 338/37 FT) TH S 75D 13M E 324/09 FT TO A P C TH ALG THE ARC OF CURVE TO RT HAV A C/A OF 24D 32M RAD OF 750 FT ARC LNG OF 321/30 FT (THE CHD WHICH BRS S 62D 57M E 318/85 FT) TH S 50D 40M E 161/50 FT TO A P C TH ALG ARC OF CURVE TO LEFT HAV C/A OF 18D 44M RAD OF 750 FT AN ARC LNG OF 245/33 FT (THE CHD WHICH BRS S 60D 03M E 244/24 FT) TH S 69D 25M E 745/62 FT TO A P C TH ALG ARC OF CURVE TO RT HAV C/A OF 12D 02M RAD OF 1000 FT AN ARC LNG OF 210/08 FT (THE CHD WHICH BRS S 63D 24M E 209/70 FT) TH S 57D 23M E 547/31 FT TO A P C TH ALG ARC OF CURVE TO LEFT HAV C/A OF 32D 36M RAD OF 1000 FT ARC LNG OF 569/22 FT (THE CHD WHICH BRS S 73D 41M E 561/56 FT) TH E 191/50 FT TH S 690/13 FT TH W 4288/16 FT TO THE POB AND EXC PARCS (REC NO 2011000055704 AND REC NO 2016000079860 AND REC NO 2017000061624) AND EXC RDS (REC NO 2015000108469 AND REC NO 2015000108470 & REC NO 2017000061623) EXC PARC (2020000139495) EXC RD (2021000040059) 2/9988A

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Valuation Summary

Land Valuation Summary
Account Number Land TypeUnit of MeasureNumber of UnitsFire DistrictSchool DistrictVacant/ImprovedActual ValueAssessed Value
R0208329CommercialAcres2.9989 School District 27J-BrightonV$446.00$120.00
Land Subtotal:      $446.00$120.00
Improvements Valuation Summary
Account NumberActual ValueAssessed Value
Improvements Subtotal:00

Total Property Value$446.00$120.00

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Zoning Summary
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